Seriously Milestones

Toddler Milestone Cards



Toddlers, right?! We know newborns are hard and all, but this Toddler business is next level. The cards include the funny times (repeating swear words), the tiresome times (first nights in big beds) and the downright scary (getting lost).

  • Each pack contains 19 cards to be used as a photo prop or keepsake.
  • The cards are an A6 size and 400gsm (read - THICK) so are perfect for photos.


  • I dressed myself (terribly)
  • Today I got lost
  • Today I was totally inappropriate
  • I was left alone for one minute
  • Massive public tantrum
  • Today I refused to wear clothes
  • This is why they call it Terrible 2's
  • Absolute threenager
  • I can climb out of my cot
  • I've decided I don't need a nap anymore
  • I love picking my nose (and eating boogers)
  • Ouch! Today's bumps and bruises
  • Repeated a swear word
  • My parents survived my first night in a big bed
  • Sugar High
  • Epic Meltdown
  • Feral 4 year old
  • Toilet training disaster
  • Check out my artwork

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