To our friends of Monokrome,

As a small family business, we operate differently than most retailers. We dont have large warehouses and automated systems to best serve you. Everything we do is made possible by a dedicated team of people just like you: packing, preparing, and ensuring all elements of the business are cared for with love.

COVID-19 has been a time of reflection. It has allowed us the opportunity to take a step back, to better connect with our families and to appreciate the changes coming for retailers everywhere. It has been a mix of uncertainty, and at times, a raw- painful process. It has shed light on all the incredible goals we have reached and the invaluable relationships we have built in the process. It continues to be one of the greatest gifts of our lives. 

When we opened MONOKROME, it was less about product but more about community. We intended to share in a world that embodied innovation, exclusivity, and a niche untouched. We hoped to build a community of friends with common interests, aesthetics, and an inclusive love of children. We wanted real people with real interactions. We feel confident to say, we have created just that. YOU, have created that with us.

As our children grow, we have grown too. We understand the future of retail will never be the same. We also accept that time is always ticking. It is the one element in life we will never get back. As these unprecedented times have impacted us equally, we have made the decision to put this passion project on pause. We are also in the process of welcoming our second child (surprise!) and there is no place we would rather be than home; safe, secure, and sound with our growing family. 

We want to personally thank each of you for your continued support and love shared through every order placed in stores and online. It has provided us the hope and joy needed for the coming days. We have begun the process of discounting stock and will continue until everything is gone!

Although the future of MONOKROME is unknown, we hope you find pieces to treasure that will forever remind you of your MONOKROME family! We appreciate you. We value you. We love you. Thank you! 


Elias & Janell